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The Advantages and disadvantages of Satellite TV

In the modern era like today, especially in big cities, it seems something is lacking if you enjoy television only through the ordinary antenna. The increasing number of cable and satellite TV providers allows people to choose more television channels, along with other benefits. Using a satellite dish and satellite connection has its advantages and disadvantages. At this time satellitetv has been developed so that many operators or providers of paid satellite TV broadcast services have emerged, and provide a wide variety of choices of various local and overseas channels. examples of paid satellite tv in Indonesia such as Indovision, Transvision, BigTV, and others. Although the technology used is digital technology that can transmit HD quality channels, satellite TV still has advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of Satellite TV
The advantage of using Satellite TV with a satellite dish and satellite connection is the quality of video and audio quality that is better if used to receive broadcasts from satellite television. The shape of a dish like a dish makes the transmission more easily received, it is suitable for capturing waves in places far from the transmission center. For satellite television, a satellite dish makes it very easy to capture broadcasts, even in faraway places compared to using an ordinary television antenna.

Disadvantage of Satellite TV
The disadvantage that most affects satellite TV satellite dishes and satellite services is the high price for the equipment needed. Satellite dish antenna can not directly divide the channel if one house has two or more television sets. All televisions in a house will broadcast the same program because there is no division of transmission. To do this, additional equipment such as a digital tuner is needed that can divide the transmission so that different televisions in one house can access different programs. The weaknesses that must also be considered are weather disturbances. Parabolic antennas may experience interference in receiving transmissions if the weather is too bad. Television broadcasts on satellite dishes are also prone to randomization, considering that certain programs can only be broadcast in the territory of the country itself, while the channel beam is capable of overflowing to other countries.
Many choices of providers that offer low prices with good quality and service, choose well if you want to try to start using satellite tv in your home. The choice of use is to match your needs with the facilities offered. Also adjust whether you use SatelliteTV for family needs or just for individual needs.

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