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Why Should TV Satellite?

Entertainment becomes one of the changing human needs, starting from the form and method, adjusting to the development of increasingly modern times. Now, entertainment that is most easily accessible and fulfilled by modern humans and usually must be in every home is television. The more needs of the use of television as a means of entertainment in this modern era, then an innovation appears, namely TV satellite. It is television that is transmitted in almost the same way as satellite communication. In its use TV satellite requires a satellite dish to capture the signal.

Why should tv satellite

Reaching Broader Areas
One of the advantages of a TV satellite is that it can reach a wider area than cable television. You can use a TV satellite without being limited by your location of residence. You can still use satellite television even if you live far from the city and far from the offices of TV satellite service providers. Because the coverage area can be wider by using a satellite dish as a receiver. Besides, TV satellite coverage is unlimited, because satellite broadcasts do not recognize the existence of blank spots. That is a TV satellite that can be used anywhere.

Has Better Image Quality
Another plus of a TV satellite is that it has very good image quality and is very clear. The images displayed can even be HD quality, TV satellite uses only digital signals and can provide crystal clear picture quality. As explained earlier, TV satellite uses a digital system so that the images that are displayed and the sound that is released is higher quality. Satellite television broadcasts programs on the Ku frequency with wave ranges from 11.7 GHz to 14.5 GHz. So, it makes the viewer feel satisfied and comfortable with the quality of the images obtained from satellite television.

Has a Variety of Channels
TV satellite has a variety of varied channels so that there are many choices for us to enjoy both local and international channels. and we can see the schedule or show schedule on our TV screen directly. TV satellite can capture around 250 digital channels, and the quality can be better according to the satellite transponder.

The Signal Quality
If you look at the signal quality, of course, TV satellite service is far superior because it only uses digital signals, even with a small satellite dish size TV satellite can produce crystal clear images. Besides that, the TV satellite captures the signal digitally so that the resulting broadcast is clearer. TV satellite also has a wider range because it emits signals directly from communication satellites.

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