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Types of Satellite Dish

There are some types of satellite dish that you can choose. A satellite dish is needed especially if you are using a satellite TV service. This tool is used to transmit various data, such as telephone signal, radio signal, and television signal. Several kinds of satellite dish are available in the market. But the most common ones are solid satellite dish and mesh satellite dish. Below is an explanation of each kind of satellite dish.

types of satellite dish

Solid Satellite Dish
A solid satellite dish is made from the combination of iron and steel metal and aluminum as the reflector. This kind of satellite dish is actually divided into two: offset focus solid satellite dish and prime focus solid satellite dish. The diameter of the offset focus solid satellite dish is pretty small, which is around 45cm to 100cm. It is the most common satellite dish used for pay-TV. While the prime focus solid satellite dish has the shape like most satellite dish sold in the market. It is available in some sizes: 4 feet, 6 feet, and 12 feet. But the most used size is 6 feet.

Mesh Satellite Dish
The next type of satellite dish is the mesh satellite dish. Just like you can already guess from the name, this kind of satellite dish has small holes as the reflector that makes it looks like a mesh. It is also available in various sizes. Such as 6 feet, 7.5 feet, 9 feet, 12 feet, and 16 feet. But the most sold in the market is the 9 feet one and 12 feet one. The advantage of the mesh satellite dish is it is resistant to rust because it is made from aluminum materials. Moreover, this kind of satellite dish is more lightweight than solid satellite dish.
But the advantages come along with the disadvantages. The wire mesh is easily detached from the construction. Moreover, mesh satellite dish is less good in capturing signal than the solid satellite dish with the same size.

When you are choosing satellite dish and about to buy one, it will be better if you consider your budget and your needs first. Because different kinds of satellite dish have different prices and different benefits offered as well. And make sure the size of the satellite dish you are going to choose does not take a lot of space at your house. So, which types of satellite dish you are interested to pick?

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