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TV Satellite Dish: Mesh or Solid

Good or not dish mesh or solid is relative. There can be used as parameters to determine which is a good dish mesh or solid. All returned to your own needs for the dish. Only then can we know which dish to choose mesh or solid to get more leverage. To determine the TV satellite dish for you, please refer to some things that I think need to be considered so that you understand your own needs. For mesh or solid dish, it's the same, but sometimes it can be different.

mesh satellite dish

solid satellite dish

Band Signal of Dish
Mesh or solid TV satellite dish can capture the frequency of C Band or Ku Band. But according to experience for satellite dish mesh are superior for C Band and solid are superior in Ku band. For a solid satellite dish, it is more specifically for sensitive frequencies, so it does require special treatment so that it is maximal, and if it is equal to the maximum probability of a solid result is better.
Satellite Dish vs Rain
Mesh or solid satellite dishes for this case are very different. Mesh satellite dishes are better at capturing signals, and solid satellite dishes will have great difficulty catching signals especially when it rains. This is because a solid TV satellite dish holds water so that it hinders the signal reflection process from the satellite to the LNB, and can result in a lost signal. Usually, the voters of a solid dish outsmart by giving holes to the dish for water disposal, it is hoped that the dish will dry quickly and will not disturb the satellite dish anymore.
Satellite Dish vs Big Wind
One of the factors to determine whether a mesh or solid TV satellite dish is for you is the wind. A solid satellite dish will give a very increased burden to the pole compared to a dish mesh. The wind that the dish received for a solid dish will be turned over differently from the dish that passes through the hole. With the magnitude of the strength of the wind, most likely a solid satellite dish will be more quickly damaged due to very large loads. If the installation of a dish pole is not strong, a solid dish can be carried away with the wind.
Rusty Satellite Dish
Which rust question is faster, TV satellite dish mesh or solid? See information about the satellite dish vs rain then most likely a solid satellite dish will rust faster. From some experience, the satellite dish will be more resistant and the signal is better. 
Price Of A Satellite Dish
When it comes to the price of a mesh and solid satellite dish, it's very different. The price of a solid satellite dish is higher than the price of a satellite dish mesh. This can also be seen from the weight and also the material used. The heavier the distribution costs the higher and the more materials used. So it is not wrong if a solid TV satellite dish has a higher price.

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