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The Differences Between Cable TV and Satellite TV

Differences between cable TV and satellite TV – Television becomes a source of entertainment and information that can also make a nuance in a house more lively. It seems that every house has at least one TV. It is not rare that there are 2 TVs or 3 TVs in a house. Along with the development of technology, people want something more than local broadcast. This is the reason why people prefer to choose cable TV or satellite TV which can broadcast overseas programs. However, cable TV and satellite TV is different.

differences satellite tv and cable tv

Supporting Devices
There is a significant difference between cable TV and satellite TV in terms of supporting devices. It can be said that cable TV is more ‘superior’ because it only needs a coaxial cable as a network conductor and digital receiver. On the other hand, satellite TV requires a digital receiver and also a satellite dish to capture digital networks from the satellite. Both of them have the same 2 functions but they are not the same type. The difference will be seen from the signal quality.

Signal Quality
The next difference between cable TV andsatellite TV is the signal quality. If it is seen from the signal quality, satellite TV is definitely way better because it uses digital signal only. Even with a small satellite dish, satellite TV is able to display clear images. Different from satellite TV, cable TV combines analog and digital signal so that the cable’s capacity is divided. So, the pictures produced are not as clear and good as satellite TV. The different signal quality of cable TV and satellite TV is actually influenced by the scope of each use.

Scope of Use
Cable TV is mostly used in big cities and office areas. Because the range area is limited by the distance between the offices and the cable TV service providers. So that there are a lot of cable TV service providers that compete to market their own services in the urban center. On the other hand, satellite TV is not limited by areas. You can enjoy satellite TV whether you live in rural areas or urban areas. Even though your living area is far away from the satellite TV service providers, it will not be a problem. It is because it has a wide range since the use of a satellite dish as the receiver. This is the last difference between cable TV andsatellite TV.

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