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The Difference Between Cable Tv And Satellite Tv: Advantages And Disadvantages

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Nowadays, the development of technology has dramatically increased every hour, every day, there would be an invention which makes human’s life easier. Started from sharing the news, disaster, politics movements through media such as Television, Internet, Social Media and so on. Not only for sharing the news but also entertainment. You may have heard the term cable TV and satellite TV. Both are pay-TV, but what is the difference between the two types of TV services?. Subscribed Cable TV packages are starting to become a trend in the lives of urban people now. Starting from the minimal number of impressions that are broadcast by local broadcasts, the quality of less attractive shows, to the desire to get world-class entertainment from various overseas channels, is the reason for urban communities when using pay TV. Of its type, pay-TV is divided into two, namely cable TV and satellite TV. Each type has advantages and disadvantages of each according to their individual needs. So what is the difference between cable tv and satellite tv? Therefore let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two:

Tools Used
Cable TV only requires a coaxial cable and digital receiver to display analog and digital networks. Whereas Satellite TV requires a digital receiver and satellite dish to capture digital networks from satellites. 

Area Coverage
When it comes to area coverage, satellite TV is superior because it uses a satellite dish so it can reach a wider area because it uses satellites to emit signals. Cable TV is usually only available in certain areas adjacent to the cable TV office center and if the new area is usually a cable TV provider will conduct a survey first before deciding to provide services in the area.

Signal Quality
In terms of signal quality satellite TV is slightly superior because it uses digital signals while cable TV uses a combination of analog and digital signals. For this reason, for matters of a picture, satellite TV will have a little clearer picture. Signal Quality is very important to tell the difference between cable tv andsatellite tv, you could conclude by seeing the signal quality because satellite TV has a better signal.

Number of Channels
Last but not least of the difference between cable tv and satellite tv is the number of channels. Cable TV can provide 300 channels of uneven quality because of the combination of analog and digital signals while satellite TV can broadcast 250 channels and can increase according to satellite transponders.

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