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Satellite Television: What You Need to Know

Satellite television is a wireless television system that can be accessed directly with a wider area. Satellitetelevision can provide distance and interference solutions by transmitting signals through satellites.

Satellite television

Satellite Television Components
Satellite television has 5 main components consisting of direct to home (DTH) or direct broadcasting (DBS) satellite systems, namely:
1. Which broadcast source is the channel that gives your television pictures to watch.
2. Transmitter center that can become the main system center as a television service provider that can receive signals from various broadcast sources.
3. Satellites which function to receive signals from the transmitting station then the satellites can re-transmit to earth.
4. Satellite dish that functions to capture signals from satellites so you can watch television.
5. Receiver or receiver that functions to process the signal.

Satellite TV broadcasts
Satellite television service providers get their channels through two main sources namely through international channels and various local channels. Most international channels that are used as satellites can provide broadcasts that are used for cable television needs. The resulting transmitter center can transform all existing broadcasts into digital streams for high-quality television.

Satellite Television Signals
Satellite television signals are rated better than cable television. This is because satellite television signals contain a lot of very high-quality and high-quality digital data. High signal makes satellite television more preferred.

Compression Standards
Satellite television has and uses a special type called the Moving Picture Experts Group MPEG-1: you can choose the standard compress used in MPEG-1 to be used as encoding and also decoding on your satellite television.
MPEG-2: When you choose MPEG-2, then you can use it as a tool to compress your high quality files for your satellite television.
MPEG-4: You can choose MPEG-4 when you want to minimize the size of your video.
MPEG-21: While you can choose MPE6-21 related to multimedia.
As a frame, satellitetelevision has and contains better complete image data. As a predicted frame that can provide enough information to satellite television receivers, it can display frames based on frames. Meanwhile, as a bidirectional frame, satellite television can display good information for your television.
When the signal of satellite television obtained can reach the user's home or user, the signal will be captured by the satellite dish through an antenna designed to obtain a particular broadcast source. When a beam has made it to the satellite dish, the radio signal can be transmitted to a certain point. Then the LNB will filter the radio signals around the dish so that it can then channel it to the satellite receiver in the user's home.
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