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Satellite Television VS Cable Television: Which Should You Choose?

Maybe you often hear the term Cable television and Satellite television. However, do you know the difference between the two types of television? The thing you need to know is, each type of television has its respective advantages and disadvantages. When you decide to buy television or cable television, then you must know the difference between the two types of television. Here are the differences between the two types of television that you need to know.

satellite televitison vs cable television

Tools Used
Did you know that cable television only requires a coaxial cable and digital receiver to be able to display an analog and digital network for your television? Whereas Satellite television only requires a digital receiver and satellite dish to be able to capture digital from satellites so that your television can be seen clearly.

Area Coverage
On the issue of area coverage, satellitetelevision is considered superior compared to cable television. This is because satellite television uses a satellite dish so it makes satellite television easier to reach a wider area. While cable television is only available in certain areas adjacent to the cable television office center.

Signal Quality
In terms of signal quality, it can be seen that the signal quality from satellite television is superior compared to cable television. This is because the quality of satellite television signals combines signals from analog and digital. That is what causes satellite television to have a clearer picture.

Number of Channels
For the number of channels, cable television has the advantage over satellite television, which is the number of channels which is more than the satellite television with 300 channels and 250 television channels.

In terms of price, satellite television has a slightly more expensive price compared to cable television. However, nowadays, a lot of satellite television offers a variety of choices that are pretty much seen from all over the world.

Scope of Use
Judging from the scope of use, cable television is widely used in big cities and is usually used in office areas. The limited coverage makes the office distance with the cable television network must be close together. Conversely, the use of satellite television has a very broad reach and is not limited to certain areas both urban and rural. death.

Maintenance Support and Mobility
In terms of network maintenance, both types of television have good full support for installation and periodic maintenance. However, judging from the mobility of services, satellite television is better than cable television services.
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