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Pros and Cons of TV Satellite

There are a bunch of pros and cons of TV satellite. Satellite TV is a broadcast service by using a satellite dish as a digital signal receiver which is emitted from the satellite. Up to now, satellite TV is developing so that there are many satellite TV service providers. By using satellite TV, you will be able to watch overseas programs. But just like other things, satellite TV has advantages and disadvantages. Here they are.

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The Pros of Satellite TV
1.     Today’s satellite TV does not require a big satellite dish. A small satellite dish is enough to display clear and fine images. Small satellite dish usually has around 60 cm to 80 cm sizes on average.
2.     Satellite TV broadcast can be accepted and enjoyed even if you live in a rural area. It is because satellite TV uses the satellite signal instead of analog signals used by cable TV which the range is still limited.
3.     The receiver of satellite TV allows you to record your favorite TV programs so that you are able to watch it next time.
4.     The newest and latest satellite TV receivers even have more new features that you can enjoy. You can even enjoy 2 programs on one TV screen at the same time.
5.     Satellite TV offers varied TV programs that you can watch and enjoy. There are a lot of options, from local programs until overseas programs. You can even directly watch the broadcasting schedule of the TV programs you want to watch.
6.     With satellite TV, you will be able to control and choose what TV programs which are proper to be seen by your kids. By using the feature of broadcast lock, you will be able to prevent your kids from watching improper TV programs for their ages.

As it is said before, the pros and cons of satellite TV come along together just like other things. Besides advantages, satellite TV also has disadvantages.

The Cons of Satellite TV
1.     Bad weather can disturb satellite TV broadcast. The satellite signal can be lost because of bad weather. However, there are already many TV satellite service providers guarantee that their services are resistant to bad weather.
2.     You have to pay more if you want to add your favorite channels if they happen not to appear in the service package.

Those are the pros and cons of satellite TV that can be your consideration.

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