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How to make Television antenna from sim card

sim card antenna

today we are going to make an antenna to television so you can watch the digital and analog channels on your tv.

Materials that we will use to This manufacturing are as follows :
coaxial code board cable of which let's take the central driver is say we will remove the lining some additional coil wire and we will need a capacitor of 10 micro fabio we will need a 5 chip card that you are going to get and the material spent we are going to digital tin this template that you already use    we will need a nail or any tool like this to create a coil a welder and the materials and the work tool.

let's start to make it easier we are going to remove the coating that do you have this cable to use a session of he'll see you in a show you how it goes to do if you didn't know you are going to cut if you are going to take away this part that has the power cable can when you remove this part this put a little time is going to keep you next you will be left with that driver then i will use this blade I already have to take away that envelope and see you in some minutes

ok friend here we are the expanses of as I already removed the coating that had this coaxial cable then come on to do the following taking our hand we will need this approximately 450 and 445 centimeters of 450 mm cable and I will do quickly the coils let's start with this to do this part that the simpler look take this part and let's make these turns we have to give him 10 lap that we have it let's cut it [Music] of the same length and we will take and we will to take his bath because we're going to have to let go I have made that step and we have that first coil made we remove the cable we remove the nail and we have the first session then we will work with this

I will not cut it and we will use this template that is in the broken website of dotcom crafts with station antenna fractal then I go to place the rod in this position see how I'm going to do it each leg of this triangle measures approximately measure 25 millimeters and you are going to do this i'm watching you can download this template in the jm website dotcom news see how we go then you must then get her out of it disassemble it calmly and here we have the first the first dipole of our antenna we will use a clamp let's straighten and we already have the first figure built I will use the opposite side and I will do the same look how simple each leg 3i previously 25 millimeters we ride and we already have our two figures made we take we enter and right let's think about it in half and we already have our two our two built dipoles is only straighten it with a little calm pass the clamp and put it in the conditions that we need.

I'm going to pause to straighten it and that look good so that it is not part of the video ok friends thanks for the wait look now comes the most important moment which is to perform in each element the welding it then let's apply a little tin to make this welding easier when we go to weld these elements on our card you must do it like this with a welder [Music] we will be back soon ok friend look now comes the most part delicate and very important that is the welding on our antenna zinc so let's apply some small ones points like jungle notice where given the points we are going to start welding now our elements look at the position that has the zinc is left then let's use use a first dipole to weld it in that position let's weld the second ok you watched how it looks position of the five soldier monkeys let's drink our filter and we will release it, ok have you observed how that welding let's take the coil now that we had done before we weld and come back to go on the next point very well see how everything goes look

so now I'm going to look for a ball to weld you can connect the antenna at these points ok or look at it I've searched for a ball to vhf and hf an impedance ball forgives which is I don't know if you saw a camera and is this ball going then also to weld here in these outings ok already soldier everything element i'm going to do a continuity test correct everything is working fine so here we have the antenna now I'm going to apply a little silicone on this end so that this stays fixed and don't move and it won't harm me card like this ok here i have my silicone gun and I will proceed to put some silicone in some points For security to prevent the antenna it will damage the sim card and then stop operating this is more than enough even for them to work so they don't 

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