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Cable TV vs. Satellite TV – Which One is the Best?

Satellite TV has been around for years before cable televisions and streaming options were established. Nowadays, the satellite options have given audience tons of benefits and features they would not get from cables and streaming. Satellite and cable televisions are two different things and it is not just about the delivery.

There are a few differences you need to know between cable TV and satellite TV. Generally, cable TV is affected by the weather and priced more than the satellite types. On the other hand, cable televisions are more suitable for those who prefer something short-term and renter.
Satellite televisions, on the other hand, are commonly disrupted by bad weather too but the price is cheaper though. The availability covers all areas so you can even install it to face south. Otherwise, cable TV is limited in availability. It only offers services depending on providers which commonly exclude rural areas.
The Reception
Talking about the reception, cable TV is rarely lost in reception unless the whole system went down or other technical issues related to the hardware. On the other hand, the satellite signal can deliver a clear result only when there is nothing between the southern sky and the satellite dish. Once something is between them, even if it is a tree or wire, it could disrupt the service.
If you want to install cable televisions, you need to summon an expert technician and a cable box is required to get more than basic cable service. However, you can always install the TV service yourself if the cable line in is installed and you have internet service.
The satellite television, on the other hand, requires a satellite dish located on the roof at a certain side of your home. The dish should be facing south as well. It would be a problem if you are living in a flat with a shared south wall. If you sign up for a long-term contract, the installation fee can be waived considering self-installation is such a time-consuming activity.
As we have mentioned earlier, cable TV is only available where the providers are available in a certain area. It often excludes rural areas along with new community suburbs. Satellite televisions, on the other hand, are available everywhere. Still, the dish should be facing south. Other than that, there is nothing between the satellite and the signal receiver or the satellite TV cannot be operated.

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