New SW Update Firmware Matrix BIG Burger HD 4MB

New SW update firmware file Matrix BIG BURGER HD 4MB support for Power vu V3.2.0 encrypt PBO on satellite Measat 3A, Sony channel group on satellite Asiasat 7, Intelsat 17 and more, we recommend backup your files before the upgrade process this is to anticipate the occurrence of mode on or failed upgrade, please note to the upgrade software or firmware in order to be always carried out carefully errors or failures when doing the upgrade software or firmware is entirely your responsibility because if there is a failure or error at the time of the upgrade process will affect the warranty.

New SW Firmware Matrix BIG Burger HD
New SW Firmware Matrix BIG Burger HD 4MB

Guide To The Use Of The Software Upgrade/SW
  • Download File
  • Save Firmware/Software File on Flashdisk
  • Turn ON Receiver 
  • Put Flasdisk on USB Slot
  • On Remote Control Go to Menu - System - Upgrade by USB
  • Upgrade Mode 
  • All Code = Upgrade ALL (Software, Channel DB and Key)
  • APP Code = Upgrade Software Only
  • User DB = Upgrade Channel Only
  • Choose File Upgrade Firmware/Software File Latest Download on Flashdisk
  • Start then Press Ok
  • Wait Progress Till End and Receiver will be Restart

  • Support for Power Vu V3.2.0
  • Fixed Sony Ten Asiasat 7
  • Fixed Sony Ten 1 Intelsat 17
  • Fixed PBO Measat 3A
  • Biss Key and Power Vu Work

New Software/Firmware
New Software Download
Big Burger CS6001 4MB 20181029
Matrix BIG Burger HD
fix Powervu V3.2.0
BIGBurger CS6001 New 20180628 V2.1.6
Matrix BIG Burger HD
fix powervu v3.0 PBO & Sony Ten

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maaf gan matrix big burger hd saya mane buat yg powervu & bisskey nya ilang,,cara biar tampil lgi gmna ya.. makasih, mohon bantuannya

Kenapa metrix big burger hd 4mb belum mengeluarkan SW terbaru nya ini sangat ditunggu oleh para penggunanya bahkan banyak yang kecewa menunggu SW tersebut

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