New SW Update Firmware K5S AVS Type Chipset Wifi RT5370

New SW update firmware file K5S AVS version chipset Wifi dongle RT5370 support for Matrix Burger S2 AVS, Tanaka T-21 New Samurai AVS, Tanaka T-22 Jurassic Metal AVS and Hellobox AVS support for Power vu encrypt Sony channel group on satellite Asiasat 7, we recommend backup your files before the upgrade process this is to anticipate the occurrence of mode on or failed upgrade, please note to the upgrade software or firmware in order to be always carried out carefully errors or failures when doing the upgrade software or firmware is entirely your responsibility because if there is a failure or error at the time of the upgrade process will affect the warranty.

New SW Firmware Sony Ten K5S AVS type Wifi RT5370
New SW Firmware Sony Ten K5S AVS type Wifi RT5370

Guide To The Use Of The Software Upgrade/SW
  • Download File
  • Save Firmware/Software File on Flashdisk
  • Turn ON Receiver 
  • Put Flasdisk on USB Slot
  • On Remote Control Go to Menu - Tools - USB Upgrade
  • Upgrade Mode Choose ALL CODE
  • File Upgrade Choose Firmware/Software File Latest Download on Flashdisk
  • Start then Press Ok
  • Do You Want Flash Upgrade? Select Yes then OK
  • Wait Progress Till End and Receiver will be Restart

  • Fixed Sony Ten 1 Asiasat 7
  • Auto Biss Key and Autoroll PV
  • Fixed Bug Led panel signal Bar 
  • Fixed Remote
  • Chipset WiFi Dongle: RT_5370
  • Openkey
  • Classic View

New SW/Firmware Update
New Firmware Download
MBS 2 Tanaka T21 T22 AVS

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