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New Emm Tandberg Asiasat 5 Update 11 March 2017

New Emm Tandberg Satellite Asiasat 5 100.5°E
Tandberg 11 March 2017
Tandberg 11 March 2017

Tandberg New Update
Tandberg Update 11-03-2017
Asiasat 5 100.5E
IMG Asia : BPL Everton vs WBA
TP 3700 V 30000
 EMM: T 0699 01 9BD67458CF5DA900
Service 1
TP 3920 H 15000
 EMM: T 0001 01 CA138BA8A3B4A300
Service 2
TP 3920 H 15000
 EMM: T 0002 01 5FDB06DA9DAEC00
FA Cup: Middlesbrough vs Manchester City
TP 3876 H 7120
 EMM: T 0838 01 98D10991BEAFDF00

The code is encrypted for Bisskey, Power Vu and Tandberg can either roll or changed at any time without prior notice or only active/valid for a limited period only, or even the active/valid at the time there is an event or match game on the day and the same hour so please addressed more wisely.
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