New Emm Tandberg IMG Asia Asiasat 5 Update 2 February 2017


New Update Emm Tandberg Asiasat 5 100.5°E

Tandberg 2 February 2017
Tandberg 2 February 2017

Tandberg New Update
Tandberg Update 02-02-2017
Asiasat 5 100.5E
Service 1: West Ham Utd Vs Man City
TP 3889 H 15000
 EMM: T 1839 01 70B5118426074400
Service 2: Stoke City Vs Everton
TP 3889 H 15000
 EMM: T 183A 01 673920440105D300
IMG Asia: Man UTD vs Hull City
TP 3700 V 30000
 EMM: T 06AF 01 191547A11D534500

The code is encrypted for Bisskey, Power Vu and Tandberg can either roll or changed at any time without prior notice or only active/valid for a limited period only, or even the active/valid at the time there is an event or match game on the day and the same hour so please addressed more wisely.

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